Non Dairy Is Trending

Dairy Free Is Trending. Here Is Why. It is not just consumers motivated by animal rights (vegans) on the non dairy bandwagon. People with dairy intolerances, different cultures, health concerns and taste preferences are all leading to the rise in non dairy beverages. Consumption is increasing drastically. Upon contrasting and comparing, here is what I found. According to a study released in May by the USDA’s Economic Research Service, per capita fluid milk consumption has fallen from .96 cup-equivalents per day in 1970 to about .61 cup equivalents per day today. Blue Diamond reported that sales of almond beverages are growing at 80 percent annually. Supermarket shelves once exclusive

Thanksgiving Solved! 5 Hearty, Healthy Recipes

Classic Thanksgiving dishes are the ultimate in comfort food: They’re warming, hearty, and rich in memories—as well as carbohydrates, bad fats, and sodium. I know it’s important for you to serve these standards and to keep family traditions alive at the holiday table. But, I also know it’s equally important for you to stick to your dietary goals and eat well at every meal. So, I’ve rounded up five recipes that will satisfy both tradition and nutrition. Make them for a filling and fit feast! Starter: Perfect Pumpkin Soup This Very Simple Pumpkin Soup is an ideal kickoff. It uses maple syrup—a natural sweetener I’ve praised before—and it calls for a moderate amount of butter and half and half,

Food Is Not Miraculous or Super, Food Is Food.

There Is No Such Thing As “Miracle Foods”. Cancer is a disease that invokes fear, so it is not surprising that the public is eager to identify ways to decrease the risk. The media often features information on "Miracle Foods" and publicizes whether these foods can actually decrease the risk of cancer. Guess what? I am not the only one who thinks there are no miracle foods. The International Journal of Nutrition and Cancer agrees in this article: Reality Check: There is No Such Thing as a Miracle Food," published in Volume 65, Issue 2, 2013 of Nutrition and Cancer: Written by the University of Minnesota's Maki Inoue-Choi, Sarah Oppeneer, and Kim Robien that calls on both researchers as wel

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