Why Lower The Bar?

Hey Guys, Studies show that (even though everybody and their Aunts are wearing fit bits) Fit Bits usage is not helping anyone. Whoah! please dont't send me an email that reads: "But Meg, it helps keep me stay on track." "I like it because it gives me a goal everyday." "Plus, Meg it is better than not caring or thinking about it at all." Okay, guys I hear ya. But here is the dealio. Why are you setting the bar so low? Who the heck came up with this 10,000 step thang anyway. Well, we know there are way too many people that have no business talking about nutrition, doing so. Listen, I want you to all raise the bar to 20,000 steps per day. Here is why. Clients come to my offic

"Crack An Egg" New Product Review

The Big food Companies are trying to insult our intelligence once again. However, I know we are all much smarter than the Big Food Marketing Gurus. "Crack An Egg" is a product that you add an egg into. Here are the facts. Nutrition Facts: 170 Calories 130 Calories from Fat 77% of Calories from Fat 330 mg of Sodium Less Than 1 gram of fiber 8 Grams of Protein Bonuses: Sugar, Dextrose, Phosphates, Anti Mold Inhibitor Netmyacin-Yikes!!! Pork Sausage Crumbles ( Say What ?), Yeast Extract, Modified Corn Starch. Cost per Serving: ( includes cost of egg) $3.10 Cost for 6 Kits: $18.65 Cost per serving: $3.10 Make at home: Need 9 eggs for 6 Servings 7.5 grams of Fat ( usin

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