23 And Me Versus Nutrigenomics With A Qualified Health Professional

So many people have asked me "I did 23 and Me, is that the same as the programs you offer?" Here are the 3 major differences: First, 23andme is available direct to consumer and bypasses the need for a health care professional. Versus, the companies I work with. Where the kits can only be purchased by a Registered Dietitian or a healthcare professional. This ensures accurate interpretation of results. Also, each GENES MATTER package that you purchase (includes kit) has a certain number of follow up visits, which we know from science based evidence=much better outcomes for the client. But I always say "If your successful, than I am successful." However, my clients results are there own. Plus,

What Happens When Your Loved One(s) Are Obese?

Hello, A few things to consider when someone you love is obese or morbidly obese (or maybe "just" overweight). Given the average number of people that are obese is 30% in the USA (and climbing). Read this article: "Being Overweight or Obese May Take 20 Years Off Your Life" Read this article HERE. Chances are you know or love someone who struggles with a food addiction. And while you can't change your love one's addiction, it can be helpful to understand some things they may be experiencing. Many people overeat for emotional reasons such as: depression, anxiety or grieving etc. Here are a few things (listed in no particular order of importance) to consider if you or your loved one is Obese or

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