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Immune System Support Help Is More Important Than Ever: Lots of Juicy Info To Help You Do Just That.


Are you using food to comfort your fears? I hope not. I hope all the Harmony With Food Listeners/ Followers (AKA: Keep It a 5 Nation) are doing their due diligence. On the show tomorrow, I will be talking about a VERY serious topic. How to handle our food, once we get it home from the store ( or if delivered to your doorstep ). Watch this video on the subject HERE.

Social Media (love it or hate it) and technology is making a difference, for the better in our world right now. Please take advantage of some of my recommendations on my site.

Cautious Optimism...

Fruits and Vegetables

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Director of the National Institute of Allergy an Infectious Diseases, has expressed "cautious optimism" that an end is in sight.

However, he also noted it is "more likely than not" that it will "turn around and come back in another season."

On that note, I've been sharing for many weeks the different steps you can take to protect and build your own immune system.

Every other email I get is somehow related the immune system. That's not a bad thing. But it makes me wonder why the Government is only talking about hand washing. There is more we can all do. However, please be cautious about products being recommended out there. Please know the ones listed on my site are legit. All findings based on science based evidence.

More than ever, we need to have no processed or artificial foods in our homes. We need to have non toxic products where ever and when ever possible. I am here to help you find those products. But you have to be "Your Own Health Care Advocate". I can not do it for you:)

On a happier note, Did you know Kellogg’s was forced to make some changes to the foods they sell. This was due to a social media campaign pressure. Read it Here

We aren’t done with Kellogg’s yet. WE need to keep up the momentum. Let's get the word out that we do not want the Big pharma, the BIG food conglomerates or the Big insurance companies to decide our fate. I’ve got some plans in the works. Including my decision to affiliate with a company that is going to help us up the ante. No Mo Cancer sheets ( aka: chemically filled dryer sheets) for myself or my family. No Mo drinking from plastic leaching HERE. No Mo splashing our bodies with Cancer laden Sunscreen. Read more Here. It more important than ever that we take good care of ourselves. I will have healthy alternative under my "SHOP" tab super soon. My web designer and I are working diligently behind the scenes me.

You know I was not going to let you go without a quick reminder about my trademarked secret. "Keep It a 5", watch my video on this HERE.

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