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Are You "White Knuckling" What You Should Or Should Not Be Eating During Covid-19?

Sorry Men. You may not understand this. Did you know many women get nervous when their partner, spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend asks:

"Do you want to go out for Dinner?"

It is a real thing people.

We will explain why so many women "white knuckle" it when eating out. It is a real thing. We will discuss why going out to eat does not need to be all about the food. It is the experience: being waited on, not having to do the dishes, time with your loved ones & yes the food. I will teach you why you no longer need to worry about going out to eat. People are not getting over weight from going out to dinner. People are over weight or obese from not moving enough and consuming extra calories. As a matter of fact, many people eat more when they are home alone vs. in front of others.


"I was so bad this weekend".

"I should have not consumed dessert, I know dessert is bad."

"I skipped breakfast, so I could save my calories for lunch."

"I was starving by the time we got to the restaurant."

"I learned in Weight Watchers to only eat half."

"Meg, you must eat right and exercise all the time, right?"

"My friend said, next time we will just eat at her house because

we eat too much when we go out."

"Meg, I heard this radio host say he went down 80 pounds in

11 weeks. What do you think of that?"

"Meg should I avoid Dairy?"

"GMO's are bad, right Meg?"

"My colonoscopy said I have Diverticulosis, should I be concerned?"

"When I left the restaurant, I was pretty full (like a 8)."

I hate that feeling "like on Thanksgiving" when you get so full you feel sick.

Reply, If you can relate! I love to hear from the Harmony With Food followers. We will be discussing this on my iHeart radio show on Saturday 11 a.m. EST on 104.7 FM/920 AM or listen live.



You know I was not going to let you go without a quick reminder about my trademarked secret. "Keep It a 5", watch my video on this HERE.

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