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Feeling weight loss resistant? So WAS this client.

Today on the Harmony with Food Radio Show I'm walking you through a client case study to show you how I work with digestive issues.

Is preventative health care really preventative?

Sure, your insurance covers annual exams and preventative colonoscopies once you get to a certain age, but those exams really only cover the bare minimum. Even with a colonoscopy, the point is to catch cancer early, not necessarily to prevent it.

And while it's great to find out you don't have cancer or another disease, it doesn't mean you don't still have problems you're dealing with like migraines, joint pain, and digestive problems. That's where I come in. The type of testing I do in the Bio Unique Boutique is designed to find the root cause of your symptoms so that we can treat them.

Client Case Study

A recent client did the Gut Zoomer and Micronutrient tests. I'm going to walk you through her results today so you can see first-hand what kind of information is available to you when you do the tests through my BioUnique Boutique!

Gut Zoomer Test Results

When looking at her Gut Zoomer test, we found that her firmicutes and proteobacteria were both too high. The overpopulation of these two bacteria puts you at risk for obesity.

The next thing I found was that her fecal lactoferrin was high. This is an indicator of inflammation in the gut, so I'll be recommending some natural anti-inflammatories like fish oil, N-Acetyl Cysteine, and Glucosamine. We will also balance her gut diversity with probiotics and diet modifications.

Another thing I found was that her fecal Anti-gliadin was high. This is an indicator that she may have a sensitivity to gluten, so we are going to try putting her on a gluten-free diet.

When I looked at her secretory IgA, it was also high. This is a sign that her immune system is in overdrive. This makes total sense because she's recently had COVID twice. Some other reasons these levels can be high include food sensitivities, intestinal permeability, and infections.

Her MMP-9 levels were low, which usually indicates small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, something I've talked about a lot in past episodes. It can also be an indication of candida or high levels of obesogens like BPA in the system. Given her other results, we are going to start by re-balancing her gut. That means killing the bad bacteria first with natural antibiotic supplements, then starting targeted probiotics to repopulate her gut with good bacteria.

The gut zoomer also looks at the makeup of the stool. Here the test detected meat fiber and that her fat absorption was low. We're going to get her started on pancreatic enzymes so she can break her food down better.

Her butyrate levels were also low, which tells me she's not absorbing short chain fatty acids either. Short chain fatty acids like EPA and DHA are essential for our health. So I'm ordering a supplement for her that has butyrate in it naturally.

Micronutrient Test Results

Next we're going to dive into my client's Micronutrient test results. I mentioned that on the Gut Zoomer test we found that my client's fecal lactoferrin was high. Lactoferrin binds iron, so it was no surprise when we found that her iron was low. She has a thyroid problem that causes constipation, so I'm going to recommend a type of iron that doesn't cause constipation to her.

Since her fat malabsorption was low on the Gut Zoomer test, it also wasn't a surprise when the Micronutrient test showed that she was low in fat-soluble vitamins. So, I'm going to start her on these vitamins. Her essential fatty acids profile was also off, so she'll be starting on omega fatty acids to correct those levels.

So, we're going to put her on a gluten and dairy-free diet, and get her started on these supplements to help her digest and metabolize better, and she's going to start feeling a lot better soon.

Get Testing

Do you have health problems your doctor can't quite get to the bottom of? Schedule a free 45-minute consultation call with me to determine which of the tests in the BioUnique Boutique are right for you!

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