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Fruits and Vegetables

"Have you been told to exercise more and eat less?."

Maybe you have been given a very broad or generic diagnosis Such as "IBS".

Maybe you have been told things like "Just deal with it".

Sound familiar? Then you are in the right place.

Conventional medicine is necessary, and we should be thankful for it. After all, it is nice to know you do not have cancer, right? However, functional/Integrative nutrition may be the missing piece of the puzzle.


Many doctors lack the nutrition knowledge to find that "missing piece" between the symptoms you are experiencing (joint pain, weight loss resistance, and constipation/gas/bloating) from various body systems (brain and gut health for example).

They say "Fix The Brain, Fix The Gut".


Without having functional nutrition knowledge, it is impossible to get to the "root cause" of your issues.

Instead, Physicians are trained to prescribe-prescription medications. However, Registered Dietitians/ Functional Nutritionists are trained to use whole foods to help us heal and stay healthy.

This is where functional nutrition, testing, and supplement/nutraceuticals play a huge role.

Personalized Nutrition is based on the concept that “One Size Does Not Fit All.”  Differences in genetics, prenatal experience, health history, lifestyle, nutrient intake, biochemistry, metabolism, and our microbiomes contribute to individual differences observed in response to therapeutic diets, nutrition, nutrition status, the timing of eating, stress responses, and chemicals in our food and household products.


This means that our genomes, biochemistry, metabolism, and microbiome are different. Learn more HERE.

We say "Test Don't Guess".

Is Conventional Medicine not providing you the results you hoped for?

Then you are in the right place and the time is NOW!

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