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Personalized Nutrition is based on the concept that “One Size Does Not Fit All.”  Differences in genetics, prenatal experience, health history, lifestyle, nutrient intake, biochemistry, metabolism, and our microbiomes contribute to individual differences observed in response to therapeutic diets, nutrition, nutrition status, the timing of eating, stress responses, and chemicals in our food and household products.

This means that our genomes, biochemistry, metabolism, and microbiome are different.

The principles of the Biounique Boutique™ involve an understanding of chronic diseases, individualized biochemistry-and how food is metabolized differently for everyone, assigning therapeutic diets, and developing individualized nutrition strategies that are customized to each persons individual needs.

Consumers are becoming educated about nutrition, and there is a growing demand to dig deeper into it. Conventional medical doctors are not trained in nutrition. Love them, have worked with many, many wonderful Physicians and other health care workers. I always say “it is great to know that you do not have cancer,” but is your doctor just skimming the surface? Many people are suffering from ailments that are attributed to food sensitivities, malabsorption, malnutrition, and more.

Personalized nutrition may be the solution.

Obtaining blood samples, stool samples, and saliva to determine what food sensitivities, gut flora, and genomes are affecting you is just the beginning in personalized nutrition.

“Test, Don’t Guess”

Testing can provide additional information to understand your own unique body and any sensitivities/intolerances you may have.  While inflammation is known to be caused by processed foods, too much sugar or salt, etc. Testing can help determine your own unique sensitivities and allow you to feel more at ease (less stressed) about your food choices.

For example, the micronutrient testing analysis may be quite different for one person than another person. This is because our micronutrient requirements at age 30 are quite different from our requirements from 40, 50, and beyond. Absorption difficulties and increased demand are common as we age.

You may think you are eating a balanced diet, but if you do not absorb vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other essential micronutrients well, you will have deficiencies.

At the Biounique Boutique™, you will gain an effective methodology and clinical information to determine the correct Therapeutic diet for your individual needs. You will learn what foods, supplements, and drinks you should or should not be consuming.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I discontinue my supplements when I take this test?
    We recommend you stay off supplements for a week before you take this test.
  • Should I fast before the blood is drawn?
    Not necessary to fast before blood draw.

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