June 25, 2020

Sorry Men. You may not understand this. Did you know many women get nervous when their partner, spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend asks:

"Do you want to go out for Dinner?"

It is a real thing people.


We will explain why so many women "white knuckle" it when eating out. It i...

March 30, 2020

Hello Meg,

Truth be told. I did not know about this amazing tea, until one of my amazing HWF listeners informed me. So I did my research and discarded all the Bull$#%^^^. Here is what I learned. This is why I love the HWF listeners. I learn from you all too. 

photo take...

March 28, 2020


Are you using food to comfort your fears? I hope not. I hope all the Harmony With Food Listeners/ Followers (AKA: Keep It a 5 Nation) are doing their due diligence. On the show tomorrow, I will be talking about a VERY serious topic. How to handle our food, once w...

January 15, 2020

Love him or hate him. President Trump was right. We have fake news, but it is not just about politics. We also have: FFN




CNN played this clip titled: Which Drink Is Best For Hydration? Hint:  It Isn't Water. Watch the bogus fake food news here


A s...