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Discover the Power of Personalized Nutrition

Uncover the keys to conquering chronic GI issues, weight loss resistance, and metabolic challenges in a transformative webinar by a registered dietitian and nutritionist -Meg Marie O'Rourke 

Tuesday, October 10, 10:00 AM EST

Thursday, October 12, 6:00 PM EST

Tuesday, October 17, 10:00 AM EST

Thursday, October 19, 10:00 AM EST

​Saturday, October 21, 12:15 PM EST

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Imagine Your Chronic GI Issues
Are A Thing Of The Past:

Running To The Bathroom All The Time
Weight Loss Resistance
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Hey There!

I am Meg Marie O'Rourke

I help high-powered men and women resolve annoying digestive issues (constipation, loose stools, gas, and bloating), weight loss resistance (exercising more and eating less is just not working), and foods sensitivities/ intolerances:  


1 in 7 people in the United States have food sensitivities/intolerances that they do not even know about.

Are You Feeling Any of These?


Struggling to have regular bowel movements

Abdominal discomfort and bloating

Dependence on laxatives

Running To The Bathroom All The Time

Constantly seeking out restrooms

Interruptions during important events or activities

Fear of embarrassment from sudden urges


Persistent sour or bitter taste in the mouth

Difficulty swallowing or sensation of food getting stuck

Chronic cough or sore throat


Feeling swollen or full after eating

Distended abdomen causing discomfort

Tightness in clothing even without weight gain


Burning sensation in the chest or throat

Chest pain after eating or lying down

Experiencing regurgitation of food or acidic taste


Frequent belching or passing gas

Unpleasant odors causing embarrassment

Painful cramping and discomfort in the abdomen

Weight Loss Resistance

Difficulty shedding pounds despite diet and exercise

Frustration with stagnant weight

Slow metabolism and energy slumps

Feeling of being trapped in a cycle of unsuccessful attempts at weight loss.

Don't just take our words

Here's what our clients are saying...

“Meg is extremely knowledgeable in her field and I highly recommend her!! I have struggled with digestive issues my entire life. Over the years I have seen many doctors. When I came across the Harmony With Food show it was as if Meg was talking directly to me. At my first appointment Meg took the time to listen to all of my stomach issues. She took notes and recommended that I start with a food sensitivity test and the wheat zoomer. The testing was important so I could know where to start eliminating foods that bother me. This was the best thing I have ever done for myself! I found out that most of the foods I was eating I had sensitivities to and by cutting them out I actually feel better. We meet over Zoom to talk about what’s working and what is not. Meg is so easy to talk to and she is always thinking out loud and coming up with new suggestions to help me feel better. This has been life changing for me.”

5* Google Review

“Really struggled with my health and feeling perpetually TIRED. It's only been a few months since Meg got me tested and I am already feeling SOO much better. I cannot begin to describe how thankful I am. Her guidance and support has been an incredible asset to my health journey 11/10 recommend her expertise.

Get on her schedule if you are done feeling like your health is out of control.”

“Highly recommend Harmony with Food! Meg is really knowledgeable and really thoughtfully sneaks nutrition knowledge into conversation casually and seamlessly to help you feel more at ease. She doesn't rush you, but also gently nudges you and provides accountability. I joke that she's my food therapist, so if that's the vibe you're going for I'd say to check out Harmony with Food.”

5* Google Reviews

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Get Meg's professional perspective on your health and weight loss issues

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