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Food Sensitivity Testing

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Suspicious that you have food sensitivities? Test, don't guess!


With the Vibrant Food Sensitivity Panel, you'll be able to easily identify your food sensitivities without having to go through lengthy elimination diets.


This complete food sensitivity panel measures your sensitivity to 96 foods and food additives by measuring your IgG and IgG antibodies to them. Vibrant is the only functional medicine laboratory that utilizes a chemiluminescent method of detecting food sensitivities on a silicon chip, which enables them to provide the highest sensitivity of detection.

What foods are included on the test?

Below is a list of all of the foods included in Vibrant's food sensitivity panels!

  • Should I discontinue my supplements when I take this test?
    We recommend you stay off supplements for a week before you take this test.
  • Where is the testing performed?
    All testings are performed at Vibrant America Clinical Labs at San Carlos.
  • Should I fast before the blood is drawn?
    Not necessary to fast before blood draw.
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