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Working with Meg

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Meg helps high powered professionals who are experiencing Weight Loss Resistance (WLR) and the co-morbidities such as:

  • Insulin resistance

  • Pre-diabetes, Diabetes

  • High Blood Pressure,

  • High Cholesterol

  • Obesity


Maybe you have been on diet programs that did not work for you (aka:  only to gain all the weight back and then some).

You may also be experiencing...


  • Fatigue

  • Trouble concentrating at work

  • Falling asleep at your desk

  • “Wired & Tired”

  • Can't play with the grandkids as much as you would like.

...and OR maybe you are experiencing GI Issues:

  • IBS-C

  • IBS-D

  • IBD

  • Crohn's Disease

  • Diverticular Disease

  • Adhesion Related Disorder

  • Gas

  • Bloating, Constipation and or Diarrhea
    or Loose stools.  

This may leave you feeling socially isolated, anxious, powerless, and lacking control.  
All of these symptoms play a major role in GI functioning.


Ways I Can Help You


Not two bodies are the same, neither are their health conditions and while good nutrition is key to everyone, it is vital that you have a system that's tailored to your needs in order to see true life-changing improvements in your health. Part of this journey is Gut Zoomer testing

Getting Started

Before your initial appointment, you will need to fill out and sign the following forms and send back to me by uploading below.

Use this Button to upload your SIGNED forms:
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