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Food Additive Testing

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This test screens for an array of commonly consumed food additives and offers very specific antibody-to-antigen recognition. This panel measures an individual’s IgG and IgA sensitivity to food additives, which can aid in the differentiation of food additive sensitivity from food sensitivities.


Food Additives testing can be very useful to help prioritize an elimination or rotation diet. Usually removing foods containing additives that the body has produced antibodies to will alleviate symptoms because the source of inflammation is removed.


Symptoms that appear when consuming food with multiple ingredients can be due to a sensitivity to the food, or to the ingredients or additives in the food.

Food Additive testing can be very useful to help determine the true cause of the sensitivity and prioritize an elimination or rotation diet to reduce symptoms related to food additive sensitivities

  • Should I discontinue my supplements when I take this test?
    We recommend you stay off supplements for a week before you take this test.
  • Should I fast before the blood is drawn?
    Not necessary to fast before blood draw.
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