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The Harmony With Food Radio Show

The Harmony With Food Radio Show is hosted by Registered Dietician Meg Marie O'Rourke. She covers all things nutrition, including subjects like gut health, weight loss resistance, developing a healthy relationship with food, and more. She also brings listeners the science-backed research they need to know about the additives and chemicals in our food, fad diets, the microbiome, and food intolerances, all in an easy-to-understand format.

Listen to the Demos

Miss a show? Check out Meg’s podcast for health tips | iHeart Radio

About the Host

Meg has been working as a Registered Dietitian for 15 + years. She has a diverse nutrition background in a variety of areas including Eating Disorders, Weight Loss, Cardiac Disease, Gastrointestinal Disorders, Food Intolerances/Allergies, and Diabetes. 

She helps high-powered men and women resolve annoying digestive issues, weight loss resistance, and food sensitivities/ intolerances.

More Episodes

The Harmony With Food Radio Show has over 260+ episodes, but below you'll find 5 of Meg's favorites.

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