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MNT ( Medical Nutrition Therapy) is covered by most health insurances.  We work with people who have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, GI disorders, Weight Gain/Obesity,Eating Disorders, Food Allergies and provide Sports Nutrition advice. .  We help people lower or get off their prescription medications*, Lose weight, have fantastic digestion, lower their cholesterol etc.

We accept the following insurances:**

Blue Cross Blue Shield Rhode Island

Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA.



United Health Care

Harvard Pilgrim



* Under the order of your Physician only.

** Please verify if your insurance will
     cover our visits before your first


Relax your body and mind with...

Swedish massage - The primary goal of this technique is to increase blood circulation, decrease stress and muscle tension, and provide total relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage - This type of therapy focuses on releasing chronic muscle tension. It entails a firm, deep pressure to reach the deeper layers of muscle and surrounding tissue.

Hot Stone Massage - Smooth, heated stones are used by placing them on areas of the body or simply as an extension of the therapists hands. It not only adds to the relaxation but also helps warm up the right muscles.

Aromatheraphy Massage - The use of essential oils enhances the benefits of your massage. They can relieve your anxiety, aid in circulation, reduce irritability, and more.

Sinus Headache Relief Massage - With the use of hot towels and essential oils this massage focuses on increasing circulation of the scalp, face, neck, and shoulder areas, and alleviating congestion and sinus pressure.

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