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23 And Me Versus Nutrigenomics With A Qualified Health Professional

So many people have asked me "I did 23 and Me, is that the same as the programs you offer?"

Here are the 3 major differences:

First, 23andme is available direct to consumer and bypasses the need for a health care professional. Versus, the companies I work with. Where the kits can only be purchased by a Registered Dietitian or a healthcare professional. This ensures accurate interpretation of results. Also, each GENES MATTER package that you purchase (includes kit) has a certain number of follow up visits, which we know from science based evidence=much better outcomes for the client. But I always say "If your successful, than I am successful." However, my clients results are there own. Plus, theirs to keep:)

Second, when genetic testing is offered direct to consumer the FDA has strict regulations against providing any sort of health advice/recommendations. The 23andme results focus on ancestry/traits and a few rare inherited diseases and conditions. However, 23andme provides four reports related to nutrition (caffeine, lactose intolerance, alcohol and saturated fat). They are NOT allowed to give nutrition advice/recommendations without approval from the FDA. The companies I work with, nutrition is the main focus. These reports include markers that impact nutrient metabolism, food intolerances ( including Gluten Free and Gluten Intolerances), Vitamins and Minerals, Macronutrients, cardiometabolic health, eating habits and weight management/body composition. These reports also look at a few markers that impact response to physical activity. In addition, these reports provide personalized nutrition and fitness advice/recommendations based on 45 genetic markers.

Thirdly, quality over quantity. Although, 23andme provides data on more markers. However, the information that is provided is not usually actionable. We use high quality data for those markers that are actionable and based on robust scientific based evidence. Notably, 23andme does not provide even the raw data for 8 of the 45 genetic markers in kits we use.

You know I was not going to let you go without a quick reminder about my trademarked secret. "Keep It a 5", watch my video on this HERE.

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