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Gov't Is Telling Us To Wash Our Hands and Social Distance. We Can Do More And Better.

Hello Meg,

Truth be told. I did not know about this amazing tea, until one of my amazing HWF listeners informed me. So I did my research and discarded all the Bull$#%^^^. Here is what I learned. This is why I love the HWF listeners. I learn from you all too.

photo taken by Allie Smith on Unsplash

Matcha tea | Helps to detox, green tea antioxidant, reduce imflamation

Matcha tea is trending. Here is why. Matcha Tea can help us detox.

As a nutritionist, I am going to try to make this super simple. Are the detox claims true? YES!!!

Matcha Tea has been around for a very long time. First consumed in China, during the 7th – 10th centuries. Over time, the matcha tea made its way to Japan. Americans are catching on to. Better late than never.

Zen Buddhist monks of the time found that drinking matcha tea helped them to become more centered and focused during meditation.

So why is it so popular now?

Because people are starting to "wake up". Especially my Harmony With Food followers.

On the Harmony With Food show we share information, we talk about what is trending and we care about our health.

Toxic Exposure

It’s hard to ignore or dismiss that rates of chronic health issues like autoimmune diseases, diabetes, obesity, heart disease and cancers are increasing. Rates of these diseases and other chronic health issues are increasing at rates that are faster than can be explained by changes in genetics. The increase in Obesity can not be blamed on just over consumption of calories.

Think about this. We have thousands of chemicals in our households and work places. Plastics ( aka: BPA's) in our food containers and water bottles., flame retardants in our furniture, estrogen and endocrine disruptors / chemicals in our shampoo, deodorant and makeup.

Food additives are in our food. The bottom line is that our bodies are exposed to these toxins daily.

I do not want that for the Harmony With Food Followers. My goal is to start reducing exposure to as many of these harmful, toxic chemicals as possible, in my own home. And I want all of you to do the same. The good news is..............we can all make changes in our homes.

However, the truth is that no matter how hard we try, we simply can’t avoid all food additives, mold or toxins. But we can reduce them .

I have some suggestions here on my site ( to help save you time) HERE -go straight to the SHOP tab.

To date, we have a lifetime of exposures already built up inside us.

Matcha tea can be one tool in our tool kit. I have heard many conventional Physicians say:

“You don’t need to detox: your body does this on it’s own"

Yes, our livers detox and our kidneys filter. Your kidneys help flush water soluble waste out via your urine. The colon evacuates toxins and waste matter out of our bodies. Perspiration can help release toxins stored in body fat.

But the problem is we are all exposed to more toxins than our detox systems can handle, and we’re taking in toxins faster than we’re able to get rid of them. We need to arm ourselves against the negative effects of exposure to toxic chemicals found in consumer products, food, and even drinking water ( including the plastic bottles we are drinking out of). Since I have learned about Matcha Tea, it is one of my fav ways to strengthen my body’s natural detox abilities. In contrast to loose leaf tea, matcha tea is a superfine powder made only from steamed, dried and ground leaves. When you drink it, you’re consuming the whole leaf. The leaves are high in Chlorophyll. This can help improve liver function, which can help increase your body’s ability to flush out toxins. Chlorophyll has also been shown to help with the excretion of: heavy metals, dioxins, and other persistent chemicals, like PBC’s.(1,2.) Plus, more benefits of Matcha Tea:Protection against free-radicals. You’ve heard about the antioxidant power of green tea, right? Well, matcha has 137 times more antioxidants than regular green tea. According to Science based evidence.Cancer prevention. Catechins: which are potent cancer-fighters counteracting the effect of pollutants, chemicals, UV rays, and radiation, are a unique set of antioxidants found only in matcha. According to the National Cancer Institute.Mood. Matcha tea is rich in the amino acid L-Theanine, to help improve feelings of calmness.Slows down the aging process: common drink in Okinawa, Japan. Where people live longer than in the USA. Matcha is said to reduce inflammation and oxidation, contributing to slowing down the aging process.Cardiac Benefits. Green tea has been shown to lower LDL cholesterol, and lower incidence of heart disease and stroke in regular drinkers.Buying Matcha TeaIt is important to be aware that not all matcha tea is the same. Matcha should be the only ingredient.Matcha should always come in an airtight, light-proof container, as this helps seal in freshness and prevent oxidation. Look for matcha powders that are bright green.I like DoMatcha.


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You know I was not going to let you go without a quick reminder about my trademarked secret. "Keep It a 5", watch my video on this HERE.

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