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Nutraceuticals and Supplements Are Not All Made Equally. Choose Wisely.

Are you on dozens of supplements? Do you buy them on Amazon or at the grocery store? Read on to find out why you need to be choosier about your supplements!


I see many clients who come in and are on tons of different supplements. They're listening to podcasts, searching online forums, talking to friends, etc etc, and just trying every supplement they hear about instead of working with someone to take a targeted approach. They may be buying supplements on Amazon or even at the grocery store.

A lot of the time, those aren't the highest quality supplements. And the worst-case scenario, when you order from a lot of these big platforms are a lot of fakes and cons out there. They'll duplicate a product's bottle and not put the same ingredients in the supplements, so you aren't actually getting what you think you are.

When you work with me, I'll send you to my online apothecary to order targeted supplements and nutraceuticals straight from the manufacturer, so you can be assured you're getting what you pay for!

Gut Health and Food Sensitivities

A healthy gut should be permeable, kind of like a cheesecloth - enough to absorb nutrients while also keeping food, bacteria, and other microbes and their components inside the gut. Leaky gut or intestinal permeability happens when the barrier becomes inflamed or damaged. As a result, you can develop food sensitivities. You may also be low in short chain fatty acids and digestive enzymes. There are many causes of poor digestion.

Food sensitivities, food additives, stress, alcohol, and lack of sleep can all lead to a leaky gut, which can then lead to symptoms like fatigue, weight loss resistance, joint pain, and more.

Testing for Gut Health

When you do testing with me, we're going to look at your digestion and your food sensitivities to figure out what is causing your digestive problems. This will help me create a targeted approach to get you to feeling better. Instead of just grabbing any old probiotic, microbiome testing will actually show me exactly which probiotics will work best for your gut. I'll also be able to identify food sensitivities, a lack of enzymes, low stomach acid, and inflammation, so I can make recommendations to target that as well.

Food Safety

Most of us have had food poisoning in our lifetimes. You may think you'll just get sick and be over it in a day, but that isn't always the case. Unfortunately, some people need to go to the hospital because they get severely dehydrated and their electrolytes are low. In the US last year, at least 48 million people got sick from a foodborne illness. Of those, 128,000 require hospitalization and 3000 die.

While anyone can get a foodborne illness, children, the elderly, pregnant women, and people living with weakened immune systems are all more susceptible.

So, just remember to keep your hot foods hot and your cold foods cold. And, if in doubt throw it out. It's not worth getting that sick over.

In addition to following food safety rules, you can also do testing with me to see how robust your immune system is, and we can work on improving it so you aren't as susceptible to foodborne illness and many other types of bacteria and viruses.

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