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What Happens When Your Loved One(s) Are Obese?


A few things to consider when someone you love is obese or morbidly obese (or maybe "just" overweight).

Given the average number of people that are obese is 30% in the USA (and climbing). Read this article: "Being Overweight or Obese May Take 20 Years Off Your Life" Read this article HERE. Chances are you know or love someone who struggles with a food addiction. And while you can't change your love one's addiction, it can be helpful to understand some things they may be experiencing. Many people overeat for emotional reasons such as: depression, anxiety or grieving etc.

Here are a few things (listed in no particular order of importance) to consider if you or your loved one is Obese or Over Weight etc.

1. Most people are using food to soothe anxiety, depression or some other psychological diagnosis. Take depression alone, there are so many types of depression. Licensed professionals use the DSM 5 manual and guide to diagnose. Let's face it, everyone knows eating anything until you are a 8,9 or 10 on the fullness scale results in nothing "good". Food is meant to give us energy. When we abuse food or we are glutinous, it actually makes us tired and left feeling guilty. I have said before, food is not "good or bad", food is food. However, when we abuse food the results may leave us feeling "bad". Not just about what we just over ate, but also about ourselves. However, I am here to remind you, you are never a bad person if you consume something you consider a "bad" food.

2. Obesity shortens lives, increases our risk of developing cancer, heart disease/stroke, Diabetes etc. This is not new news. However, you may want to remind yourself that nobody really desires to be obese or wants to deal with any type of addiction. Especially, a food addiction. After all, you can never give up eating.

3. Sometimes medication is warranted. I am not talking about diet pills etc. If your loved one is obese, then it may be necessary for a Psychiatrist/MD or APRN to help treat the underlying reason of why the person is overeating in the first place. Maybe your loved one would learn how to cope with some helpful strategies during this journey. Read my blog "How Exercise Saved My Life" HERE.

4. Age Matters: A child may relieve feelings of anxiety by overeating. Many Adults turn to alcohol after they lose weight via gastric weight loss surgery.....Read this article HERE - Switching one addiction for another. Whereas, malnutrition is a serious problem for seniors. Malnutrition can be a sign of depression. It is not unusual for a person to struggle with depression and have another addiction such as food or drugs.

So What Do We Do If We Love Someone Who Is Obese?

1. DO NOT be the food Police. When I was a cardiac dietitian I remember wives, practically tripping over themselves when they saw me walk into the room. Often stating comments such as: "Oh, we have been waiting for you to come in. We really need to change his diet". I would state, "Do not be the food police and do not start starving the poor guy." That will result in him stopping for fast food before he comes home for his new vegan lifestyle, presented and directed by you (his wife). However, your husband is not ready to commit to that. After all, all good marriages implement compromise. Right?

2. Do Not Judge. It does not help. Be kind. We all have vices in life. Be supportive and offer supportive services. Don't forget, I offer FREE 45 minute Discovery Calls HERE. I have a myriad of programs that may help you or your loved one on their journey. It is best to speak with the person directly. However, I am happy to answer any questions you may about my different packages.

3. DO NOT make a comment about what they want to order or are ordering at a restaurant. That is only going to result in a bad night. After all, we do not have to be perfect all the time. Maybe if they order what they want vs. what is "healthy" they will not over eat or they will "Keep It a 5". Watch my Trademarked Secret HERE.

4. Remember, you or they have to want to do it.

5. It is a marathon, not a race. To lose weight and keep it off, it takes time. If you have 50 pounds or more to lose, you may consider a year long commitment. I have many programs that last over a year. Where I am on you, like white on rice. The Big Insurances companies do not have to keep us apart or run the show. You will be your own or your family members OWN HEALTH CARE ADVOCATE.

Remember, I offer a FREE 45 Minute FREE Discovery call to learn more click HERE.



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