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Does your microbiome need an adjustment?

New research is showing that your ability to lose weight may be tied to the bacteria in your gut. Read on to find out how to use that information to your advantage!

New research is showing that gut bacteria is a major factor in weight loss success. An article from Medical News Today references a new study that found that differences in the functional profile of the gut microbiome are associated with the body's response to weight loss interventions. Another found that the gut microbiome genes associated with bacterial replication and the breakdown of carbohydrates and proteins predicted weight loss response.

So what does this all mean? It means that your gut health may be tied to your ability to lose weight. If you've been trying everything to lose weight and haven't been successful, there may be more to the puzzle. I've had countless clients finally lose weight once they healed their guts, without restrictive dieting.

I've also had a colleague, Dr. Emi, do the same! She recently shared about her 100-pound weight loss journey on the Today Show. She is a conventional medicine doctor, but as she got older she kept gaining more weight and turned to the world of functional medicine.

She stopped eating junk and started eating healthy. She also got testing just like the kind I offer my clients, and found out she had a thyroid issue, genetic issues, and hormone issues. But what finally moved the needle for her was doing microbiome testing. She had a leaky gut, which had led to food sensitivities and allergies. When she removed those foods from her diet, took supplements to strengthen her gut and balance her hormones, and treated her thyroid issue, she finally lost weight.

Microbiome Testing

I always say 'test, don't guess.' The technology is here to stop wasting time and money trying different diets and supplements. Instead, you can do microbiome and food sensitivity testing to identify problem foods and start healing your gut and overcoming weight loss resistance.

Ready to take the next step? Click below to schedule a FREE 45-minute call with me to discuss which tests are right for you.

Tower Garden Update

I've had my tower garden for a few months and I am loving it. I don't have a green thumb at all but I've been able to successfully grow leafy greens like spinach in mine. The Tower Garden has its own controlled environment so you never have to worry about the weather. If you've ever spent $5 on a container of spinach then looked at it the next day to find that it has wilted, you need one of these. Follow along on Instagram to see what else I'm growing in my tower!

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