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Why Lower The Bar?

Hey Guys, Studies show that (even though everybody and their Aunts are wearing fit bits) Fit Bits usage is not helping anyone. Whoah! please dont't send me an email that reads: "But Meg, it helps keep me stay on track."

"I like it because it gives me a goal everyday." "Plus, Meg it is better than not caring or thinking about it at all." Okay, guys I hear ya. But here is the dealio. Why are you setting the bar so low? Who the heck came up with this 10,000 step thang anyway. Well, we know there are way too many people that have no business talking about nutrition, doing so. Listen, I want you to all raise the bar to 20,000 steps per day. Here is why. Clients come to my office and say "Well, I did do 7000 steps most days." Let's do some 8th grade math here. Guess what that equals only 70% or a C-. Whoah! Do you find a C- acceptable? Well, I do not. Spring is here guys. Please raise the bar. Come to my office and show me you walked 15,000 or more steps....that is at least a 75% or a C. It is human nature to set goals and try your best to meet them. But setting the bar so low is just not beneficial for anyone. Get real if you want real results. Who made up the 10,000 steps a day rule (probably one of the fit bit companies:)). Well, who knows but it was not me. Raise the Bar Guys. All said with love, Meg

Did you know I offer free videos, free blogs and free recipes on my web site? Just sign up if you are new or go to "log in" tab if you have signed up previously. XO Meg

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