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12 Deaths Related To Weight Loss Surgery! Yet, My Amazing Client Is Down 150 Pounds.................


Case Study: My Client Is Down 150lbs WITHOUT

Surgery! Yo!

Obviously, I am changing the names and events of this story to keep my clients information private and confidential. In addition, I have written permission to share this story. Why? Because my client suggested I do so. If Mark can get these results = you can too.


Highest Weight: 371 pounds.

Current Weight: 221 pounds and still declining.

Height: 5'7"

Weight Loss: 150 pounds.

Age: 35 years old

Frame Size: Large

"Mark" went to his Physicians office for his annual exam in March of 2017. He was struggling with being morbidly obese and:

-Prediabetes -Hypertension (high blood pressure). -High Cholesterol -Probable Premature Death His Physician Said " Mark, you are going to die! Why don't you go to this seminar on Gastric Bypass Surgery"

Mark went to the seminar. He asked me what I thought of the surgery. I said "Mark", do not do the surgery. I told him about some of the complications I observed while working in the hospital. (Nurses calling these patients "frequent flyers" because most come back with the need for Gall Bladder Surgery, Appendectomies, some have problems keep food down after the surgery, about 20% become alcoholics-changing one addiction for another). Read this article HERE. Did you hear about the 12 Deaths Related To Weight Loss Surgery? If not click HERE

My own family member had the lap band surgery (BTW - Surgeons are not offering this procedure due to all the complications patients were having), when the band moved and adhered to his liver, they had to go in and remove the band. He developed an infection and ended up out of work for 8 weeks while on strong IV antibiotics.

Mark decided not to do the surgery and is down ( and still going) 150 pounds!!!!! He walks his dogs 4 miles every night and works out in his home gym. If Mark can do this, so can you! He looks and FEELS AMAZING!!! Of course, Mark has learned my trademark secret "Keep It a 5", watch my video on this HERE.

I know there are some people that are doing great after the surgery, but trust me. Many are not. I am not judging anyone who had the surgery. I just feel and know that weight loss can happen with out dieting, with eating carbs and not having surgery. A very wise surgeon once told me, "You never do surgery, unless it is absolutely necessary."

In addition, the retrospective studies on the percentage of patients who gain most the weight back are no where to be found. PSSSTTTT: The hospitals are making a ton of money performing this surgery. Plus, allowing people on Medicaid to eat whatever crap they want and Medicaid recipients get to have the surgery for FREE. Guess who pays? WE DO!.

-In case you missed it! Last week on the Harmony With Food Radio Show on iHeart radio that airs this and every Saturday @ 11a.m. You can listen in HERE... We discussed why: -Peeps born in the 90's have 4x the risk of developing colon/rectal cancer. -If Big Pharma Wins You Lose -Learn How To Use Your Skills Not The Pills. -Hold On To Your Wallets -We Are Not Letting The Big Food Companies or Big Pharma Insult Our Intelligence. Also, if you want to learn why you should eat according to your genes, then you CAN NOT miss my FREE webinar where I tell you all about this. Click HERE to sign up right now - again it's 100% FREE, so you have nothing to lose except for unhealthy eating habits. 😉

" Keep it a 5" Guys and hope to see you at the webinar!



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