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Another Success Story. Test Don't Guess.

This week on the Harmony With Food Radio Show I talked about sensitivities to moldy foods and a recent client who suffered from years of IBS.

Mold Illness

The Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations estimates that 25% of the world's crops, including grains, nuts, wine, tea, and coffee are contaminated by mold and mycotoxins. Other foods that grow mold easily include grain-fed meat, dairy products, alcohol, cocoa, popcorn, and dog food.

For some people who are already struggling with mold illness, these foods can be difficult to tolerate and may cause symptoms like headaches, depression, insomnia, rashes, and sneezing. If you are sensitive to moldy foods, there's a good chance you've been exposed to airborne foreign mold as well.

So what can you do if you're suffering from mold illness? Luckily, there is a full protocol I have in place. The first thing is that if you are living or working in a moldy place, you need to get out. I don't treat patients for mold if they are going to continue being exposed to it, because it is a waste of time and money. If you're able to leave the moldy environment, then we will work on getting the mold out of your system. Once it is gone, the next step is to strengthen your system so you don't get sick again.

Client Case Study: IBS

I patient came to me recently, she is in her 40s and about 25 pounds overweight. She has to run to the bathroom on an almost hourly basis. She has had gas, bloating, and constant digestive issues since she was a teenager. Her parents spent thousands on her seeing a naturopathic practitioner and it didn't work. She decided to work with me and give it one more shot, despite being skeptical.

Through testing, we found that she had leaky gut. It's been 30 days since we started implementing changes and she is feeling so much better already. She said it has been life-changing and so freeing, and that someone in her family even cried when they found out how much relief she's had. And we have so much more work to do to get her feeling even better!

If you are having digestive issues, suffering from eczema like another client of mine, or having symptoms like joint pain, fatigue, weight loss resistance, and more, I'm currently offering a free 45-minute call to talk about how testing can help. Just click below to schedule!

Episode Transcript


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