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Are your supplements safe?

This week on the Harmony With Food Radio Show I will be discussing how the gut microbiome influences everything about your health. Conventional medicine does not focus on nutrition, micronutrients, and the microbiome that all plays a role in your overall health. 

Do you know which supplements you should be taking?

Are you on so many supplements that you can’t tell which ones are or aren’t working? If so, you’re wasting time, energy, and money. I don’t like to fear monger, but a lot of study and research has shown that you can buy a supplement online that looks like it’s from Standard Process, but it actually isn’t. For all you know, it could be sand. People put labels on bottles to make them look the exact same, and you think you’re saving money buying them online.  

You need to be safe about the supplements you’re taking, and the best way to do that is to cut out the middleman. You need to be buying from trustworthy places. I vet every supplement I recommend, and my goal is to have you on as few as possible. Before you start taking any supplements, we’ll do some tests so we know exactly what you need, instead of guessing.

Work With Meg

Working with me will include micronutrient testing that will pinpoint exactly which supplements will work best for you. I will also work with you to make sure you purchase quality supplements. 

Right now, I’m offering a free 45-minute call for those interested in digging deeper into their health. After we discuss what issues you would like to address we can identify which testing is needed. Through the testing we can identify the root cause of the issue and then determine the appropriate supplements needed. Some of the issues we can address are weight loss resistance, aches and pains, GI issues, etc. Click the link below to make a free call with me. 

The Microbiome is a Foundation of Health

The microbiome is very important and should be analyzed as the foundation of health. We want our microbiome to have a very high diversity of protective strains, not opportunistic, bad bacteria. We want to increase what is known as the short chain fatty acids that help us absorb micronutrients. If those are low, you're not absorbing the foods even if you are eating a healthy diet and then there is an imbalance in that ecosystem. Restoring balance can be done through various methods. 

If you are having digestive issues, suffering from eczema, or having symptoms like joint pain, fatigue, weight loss resistance, and more, I'm currently offering a free 45-minute call to talk about how testing can helT



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