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To My Dad and the Boston Marathon

People always ask me: “What made you want to be a dietitian, Did you ever have a weight problem?” I became a dietitian so that I could dedicate my life to helping others live happier and healthier lives. In doing so, I have been blessed with being able to start a business doing what I love. I thank God everyday for being able to do what I love because it can make all the difference in a person.

In truth I was inspired by my dad. As a high school track coach, my dad did what he loved. He trained a runner who would go on to win the Boston Marathon four times, and left a legacy in his wake. I know I can be extremely straightforward, blunt, and sarcastic at times; after reading this article on my Dad, Frank Daniel O’Rourke (aka as Dan), I think I understand why. I wouldn’t be the woman whose words you read here today without him. He was a straight-shooter, and more committed than anyone I’ve ever met. I’m only sorry he had to see the sport he loved become the subject of terror and mass violence in his lifetime. The Boston Marathon was, and continues to be, revered in our home.

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